“We are fully committed in what we believe and do, as such every customer who interact with us will experience the difference in our approaching style. Our never ceasing desires to achieve the highest standards and continuous improvement internally; is our forward driving force. At 3rmobilepl.com, not only we believe in ensuring that every customer’s need is met to their fullest satisfaction but also with a special of personal care. Our customers and our employees are the key ingredients of the recipe of Success. Our customers are the very reason why we exist and our employees are those who shoulder the tremendous responsibility behind fulfilling every single customer’s requirements and desires to their best.I’m highly confident that 3rmobilepl.com is possessed with all the elements that are needed to brew the formula of success and total customer satisfaction. We aim not only to see things as they are; but rather what they will be."
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Mr J M Rizwan
(Managing Director)


3 R Mobile (PVT) LTD is an e-commerce store specializing in offering you a wide variety of products including mobile phone accessories, kitchen appliances, computer accessories, and various other electronic items as well as watches, cosmetic products, groceries, and other essentials.

We Are The Growing Mobile Phones Company All Kind of Mobile Phones & Mobile Phones Accessories


Create The Customers Make More Happy Always Make Happy to Help Them


"To be No 01 Mobile Service Provider in SriLanka"


3rmobilepl.com is operated by adhering to the following key values:

Customer focus - We follow a customer-centric approach in every aspect of our business.

Honesty - We ensure that all our business activities are conducted with honesty.

Reliability - Our business processes designed to guarantee the reliability of our services.

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